Providing Preventative and Diagnostic Testing for your Pets

Now it’s easy to monitor your pet’s overall health and readily access blood test results, including an explanation online! One visit to Pet Lab Express in Athens, GA and you’ll have a personal dashboard where you can view your pet’s comprehensive wellness report and blood test results anytime—available within 48 hours!

Preventative & Diagnostic Testing — why is it so important for your pet’s long-term, good health?
Just like humans, dogs and cats can have unseen internal abnormalities while looking good
and acting normal.

Routine and preventative diagnostic lab testing for your pet performed by Pet Lab Express provides more insight than a mere physical examination.

Thorough, proactive monitoring of your pet’s health gives you comfort in knowing that you are caring for your pet properly, having them remain as happy and healthy as possible, for as long as possible.

Pet Lab Express makes pet lab testing Easy and Affordable. Contact us today.

Lower Cost. Convenient Locations. Fast Results.